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``Dukagjini Center`` has an ideal position near the southwestern roundabout in the central ring of Pristina, direct connection to the inner ring and easy way to the outer ring or highway connection. In the context of the area as part of the Lakrishtë neighborhood, Dukagjini Center develops as a single object within the A1 block and in the entire perimeter of the open complex, with an enormous surface area of public use character.
The planned modernization of road infrastructure and the advanced development of public transport by local and central authorities creates opportunities for comfortable mobility towards the center of the city. While the proximity to the Train Station and bus station makes it easy to reach Dukagjini Center from any direction.


From A1 to C5

All apartments are organized in three lamellas: A, B and C.
Among 228 residential units, there are three main categories of dwellings by typology, based on the number of bedrooms. According to the project, within the floor characteristic of the two lamellas, from the total number of 18 flats (A-9 flats, B-4 flats and C-5 flats) are organized:
- one bedroom apartment 2
- two bedroom apartments and 12
- three bedroom apartment 4

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A1 105.94 m2

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A2 103.67 m2

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A3 96.71 m2

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A4 96.71 m2

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A5 96.19 m2

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A6 99.64 m2

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A7 123.61 m2

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A8 131.38 m2

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A9 75.47 m2

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B1 90.75 m2

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B2 127.29 m2

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B3 92.13 m2

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B4 106.06 m2

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C1 92.76 m2

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C2 125.00 m2

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C3 92.64 m2

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C4 70.62 m2

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C5 93.92 m2


Functions and comfort of residence

Living space

It is limited with walls of 20 cm in relation to the common corridor, sandwich walls 2×12.5 cm + sound isolation in the restrictive position with neighboring residential units, and with walls of d=25 cm in the position of the façade walls.

Entry hall in the apartment

It is organized with sufficient space for mounting the wardrobe closet; paved with pottery and equipped with distribution table for electricity and heating substation for residential unit.


Depending on the size of the apartment, it will functionally connect the apartment blocks between themselves, and in some cases also define the intimate area of the apartment. On the whole it will be paved with parquet flooring, with natural oak veneer.

The dayroom and the table

As separate units, in all cases they will have direct connection with the kitchen and necessarily the exit to the balcony or loggia area.


Depending on the type, they will be constructed respecting the minimum required dimensions by the standards for these spaces.


It will have the necessary installations for the equipment that would be mounted. For ordering the kitchen, customers will be provided with detailed plans for the specific position of the key kitchen elements.

Bathrooms dhe toilets

And in special cases also the laundry areas, will be completely coated with ceramic. Bathrooms and toilets will be fully equipped with sanitary elements. In cases where there is a laundry, the installation will be complete for connecting the wash machines and driers.


They are organized in each residential unit close to the kitchen and depending on the size they will have a standard door lock or even a slippery type.

Balconies and loggias

Except complete processing of surfaces and metallic fence, they will also have the sliding panel system installed to enable the physical, non-thermal closure of the space.