Surface processing and materials


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The entrance door to the apartment

Specially commissioned for this project, with a sleek, modern design, with a width of 1.0 m and equipped with a safety lock, it will meet all indispensable requirements in the safety and noise aspect.

Walls and ceilings

On the surface, in general will be skinned and colored with base color until fully white. It is worth noting that all the interior walls, which separates the spaces between each rooms, will be made as sandwich walls of about 12 cm thick, with double plates and sufficient sound insulation. To a large extent, this solution will allow flexibility in case of possible room space modifications

Interier doors

They will be made of MDF material and will be in white color. Variations in door processing will be possible in agreement with the contractor of this craftsman position.


Ceramic tiles will be machined with appropriate tiles, depending on the space design. So you can easily distinguish the types used in the common corridor, the entrance hall of the apartment, the sanitary node, the kitchen, the warehouse and the balconies/loggias. While the interior corridors of the apartment, the dayroom with the table and the bedrooms, will be paved with three-layer laminate flooring, oak wood surface.